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Silvi Sabina Sapori

It is not by chance that an oil is superior to others.
When that happens it is the result of pure professional competence

(Luigi Caricato, Oleologist)

Three generations of excellence in olive growing

Silvi Sabina Sapori is a family agricultural business specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oils of excellence.
Founded during the early 1900’s by Pietro Silvi, our Company is managed with professionalism and passion by the Silvi family that has boasted high quality agricultural products for over three generations.

Currently, the management of the over 14 hectares of family-owned land containing 1,000 old and new olive trees has been entrusted to Domenico Silvi who has successfully undertaken the difficult task of pursuing top quality, making the Silvi Sabina Sapori one of the best examples of Italian oil excellence and a point of reference for olive growing in the Lazio region.
Our Company, strongly committed to promoting and enhancing the land, is a founding member of the Consorzio Sabina D.O.P, of the Strada dell’Olio e dei prodotti tipici della Sabina (Oil Road and typical products of Sabina) and as well as a member of the Associazione Uliveti del Lazio.

Quality is certified

UNI 11020 –  Traceability system in agrofood companies Azienda Agricola Silvi Sabina Sapori is certified under UNI 11020, the document of reference for traceability certification in the agrofood sector which guarantees traceability throughout the entire agricultural production process, from the farm to the table.
Sabina D.O.P. (P.D.O. Protected Designation of Origin) – Our olive production must comply with strict regulations to be awarded the Protected Designation of Origin label. The D.O.P. Sabina logo certifies the place of origin, the production and transformation process as well as the quality of the product obtained.
Integrated Agriculture
The use of synthetic chemicals is limited to cases of proven needwhile natural ingredients are always preferred, especially for plant nutrition and protection.
Employing natural products helps reduce the environmental impact to zero and protects the health of consumers and producers. Each package of extra virgin olive oil contains the label “traceability batch from integrated production”.

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“The Romans came to know wealth for the first time when they conquered the Sabines.”
Fabio Pittore (3 rd century B.C.) Sweet rolling hills, covered with vines and olive groves, gradually ascending to more rugged heights covered by woods and oak trees.
Small medieval towns, castles and ancient monasteries are scattered throughout the landscape. Sabina, the production area of the Azienda Agricola Silvi Sabina Sapori, is an ancient region located between the provinces of Rome and Rieti whose history is intertwined with the founding of Rome.
Conquered by the Romans in 290 B.C., Sabina soon ensured an important provision of food supplies to Rome’s markets. It was the Romans themselves who gave a strong impetus to the cultivation of olive trees which, from the 1st century A.D. onwards, was the most important economic activity in the area. In the early Middle Ages, following the Barbarian invasions, olive tree cultivation was considered a point of pride of local agriculture thanks to the work of the Benedictine monks from the Farfa Abbey who took it up with great passion and spread it across the land under their domination. Their passion, cultivated over the years, has remained intact to this day.